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Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the world's first National Park. Yellowstone is known for it's wildlife and it's many geothermal features including the well known Old Faithful geyser.

Yellowstone is home to grizzly bears, bison, wolves and elk Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is considered the "American Serengeti". Yellowstone's bison herd is the largest free ranging bison herd in the United States.

The park is located primarily in Wyoming with portions of the park also in Montana and Idaho. Camping in Yellowstone is the best way to experience all that the park has to offer. No lodge or hotel will put you in touch with the wildlife that quite literally will pass right through your campsite on occasion. Twelve Yellowstone campgrounds with over 2,000 campsites are spread throughout the park so you can plan your trip accordingly. Backcountry campsites add even more options. Campgrounds vary at Yellowstone from the highly regarded and bustling Canyon Campground to the rugged Pebble Creek Campground.

Canyon Campground which is located in the heart of the park and offers many nearby attractions including Uncle Tom's Trail, Insiration Point, Artists point and Hayden Valley just to name a few. Read More---->

Madison Campground is one of the larger campgrounds located near the West Yellowstone entrance and is more spread out than the other larger campgrounds. You can fit larger tents in your site here too. I brought my 10'x20' and had ample room. This is a great place to camp for close proximity to the Midwest Geyser Basin and Old Faithful.Read More---->

Mammoth Campground is just south of the North entrance and just a hop skip and a jump from the popular Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth campground is the lowest elevation of any campground in Yellowstone at 6200'. Read More---->

Grant Village Campground is a massive campground just off the west end of the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake. Featured geothermal features nearby include the West Thumb Geyser Basin. Read More---->

Bay Bridge Campground is another massive campgrounds with over 430 campsites, this campground suits RV's well and is centrally located for those looking for a good basecamp. Yellowstone Lake is just south of the campground for those looking to do a bit of fishing. Read More---->

Indian Creek Campground is one of the smaller, off the beaten path campgrounds that lends itself to the fisherman or those looking for a nice hike. Several nearby creeks and quiet, peaceful scenery is one of the reasons to camp here. Read More---->

Lewis Lake Campground is a great place to camp when you want to include Grand Tetons National Park in your trip. The Southern Entrance to Yellowstone is just 11 miles away. Fishing is the main attraction as well as the nearby West Thumb Geyser Basin. Read More---->

Norris Campground is a perfect campground whne you want to spend a majority of you time on the westen end of the park. Norris Campground is situated just a mile north of the Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstones hottest geyser basin. Read More---->

Pebble Creek Campground located on the far northeastern end of the park is a great campground for viewing wildlife. Not only does wildlife frequent the area, Lamar Valley is only a few miles to the south. Read More---->

Slough Creek Campground is a popular campground for those who love to fish. The fishing in Slough Creek picks up mid summer and the campground is situated just off the banks of the creek. Read More---->

Tower Fall Campground is located in the Roosevelt area and is tucked up above the famous Tower Fall along Tower Creek. With Lamar Valley so close, this makes for the perfect campground (along with Slough and Pebble Creek) for those looking to see the Big 5 (Grizzly Bear, Elk, Bison, Wolf and Bighorn Sheep). Read More---->

Fishing Bridge RV Park sits next to Yellowstone Lake and is RV only due to the high number of bears in the area. Fishing Bridge is also near Hayden Valley which makes this a great place to camp to view wildlife in the park. More info coming soon.


Yellowstone National Park Campgrounds

Madison, Canyon, Norris, Grant, Mammoth, Lewis Lake, Indian Creek, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, Tower Fall, Bridge Bay, Fishing Bridge RV Park.

Madison River from Madison Campground


Yelllowstone National Park is divided into sections along the main figure eight loop called the Grand Loop that runs through the park. There are a couple of spurs that will be covered also. The sights are broken into the following sections.

Upper Loop

Mammoth Hot Springs to Roosevelt Lodge

Roosevelt Lodge to Lamar Valley to Northeast Entrance (Spur)

Roosevelt to Canyon Junction/Village

Canyon Junction/Village to Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin to Mammoth Hot Springs

Lower Loop

Norris Geyser Basin to Madison Junction

Madison Junction to Midway Geyser Basin

Midway Geyser Basin to Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful)

Upper Geyser Basin to West Thumb Geyser Basin and Grant Village

Grant Village to Lewis Lake and the South Entrance (Spur)

West Thumb Geyser Basin to Bay Bridge/Fishing Bridge Area

Bay Bridge/Fishing Bridge Area to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Area


Go grab your camping gear and get ready for the dramatic landscape and wildlife that awaits you in one of the last remaining untouched wilderness areas in the world.




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